Are you the custodian of a heritage building daunted by the prospect of achieving net zero carbon? Do you need help understanding your options for ‘going green’ – assessing the impact of easy wins and more costly interventions? If so, IPC can help!

With funding from Innovate UK, IPC has developed a new service to help those caring for heritage buildings to understand their options in achieving net zero carbon. Our step-by-step approach will benchmark current carbon emissions and lay out a realistic, achievable plan for reducing your carbon emissions. This may include simple behavioural changes and minor maintenance tasks, through to upgrades of electrical and heating systems. The overall impact will be an improvement in energy-efficiency, adoption of renewable energy sources, and a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and natural resources.

By assessing the needs of the building and those who visit, work or live within it, IPC will support your transition to a sustainable future by creating a Net Zero Carbon Action Plan.  The plan will provide a route map for your organisation to make well-informed decisions about carbon reduction and articulate the ‘case for support’ to professional advisors, planning officers, and grant funders. The tools we provide will help you measure your annual reduction in carbon emissions, and evidence the positive changes that have been made.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat about how we can help you on your net zero journey.

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