All Saints’ Parish Centre, Chesterfield

The All-Saints’ Parish Centre is owned and managed by the PCC of St Mary and All Saints Parish Church (better known as The Crooked Spire). 

Design Brief

The centre housed a café which closed during the pandemic, and the community facilities are now used only occasionally. As a result, the building is starting to fall into disrepair. The Parish Centre is in the Church Close Conservation Area and is on the boundary of the ‘Revitalising the Heart of Chesterfield Scheme.’ The Church aims to make a capital investment, repurposing the Parish Centre, improving its external presentation, and contributing to the Borough Council's revitalisation scheme.


IPC is working with the PCC and Soul Architects to explore avenues for the future use of the building through a Project Viability Report. Initial thoughts are that the building could be used for wider community interaction and specifically working with local organisations providing housing and other support to those in need. Other possibilities include an area for hosting a variety of events, alongside meetings, and providing community support. The Report, funded by the Architectural Heritage Fund, will ensure plans for the building improve access, make the internal spaces fit for purpose, and improve the presentation of the building’s façade.

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