The Future Belongs to What Was as Much as What Is

IPC has been delighted to work with internationally renowned artist Morag Myerscough and English Heritage to install a recreation of the North Gate at Housesteads Fort, in celebration of Hadrian’s Wall’s 1900th anniversary. 

Design Brief

The artwork draws inspiration from the history and setting of the fort, with residents, community groups, and local poet Ellen Moran contributing to the design. The structure comprises forty tonnes of scaffolding, ballast, and three hundred hand painted boards, all successfully installed without damage to the Scheduled Ancient Monument. Visitors were able to enter the artwork and enjoy the same view that Roman Legionaries saw over a millennium and a half ago. It is estimated that an additional 900 people a day visited the installation over the summer of 2022.


The project was particularly challenging given that the site remained open to the public throughout the work, and the importance of the fort’s heritage and conservation. IPC supported the project prior to and during the installation, managing Health and Safety, assisting with liaison between a myriad of partners, and offering direct technical and logistical support.

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