Business Planning & Support

IPC helps organisations explore their options for capital investment, understand what is achievable, and appreciate the impact on their future income and expenditure. 

St John’s Parish Church

IPC and Anna Cullum Associates produced a Business Plan for the Church, exploring the budgetary impact of their capital investment plans, making recommendations on ways to maximise income over the next ten years to support their missional and community work.

Estate in Trust
Northern Ireland

Commissioned by the National Trust, IPC is compiling a business plan to support the revival of an historic lodge. This involves collaboration with the Architect to identify opportunities for commercial income generation which will, in turn, support the building’s future upkeep and create much-needed amenities for the local community.

Professional Lighting and Sound Association

Working with three commercial clients seeking support from the second round of the Culture Recovery Fund, IPC composed bespoke funding applications and cases for support for each, seeking a total of ca. £1m to allow these organisations to continue their valuable work.

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Business Planning & Support

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